Mass Effect: Andromeda - No More Space Chickens

Fabrice Condominas says BioWare has “learned a lot from Inquisition.”

I made an egregious error once. I skipped on playing Dragon Age: Inquisition when it first came out. The reason I can no longer recall. But being a fan of The Witcher since the first game, and of CDProjekt red in general, I pre-ordered The Witcher 3. Only after I finished The Witcher 3, did I buy Inquisition when it was on sale.


There’s a certain style of quest design that I like to call the “go get my chicken” quests. For decades it was sufficient for any RPG fan. It was easy to mass produce and fill the game world with. Quest designers and players alike, for the most part, were content. That was until The Witcher 3 came along and ruined everything.

The first side quest I encountered in The Witcher 3, I assumed was a go get my chicken quest. I was stunned by the twists and turns it had, the humble side quest. Dragon Age: Inquisition on the other hand, almost broke me. I encountered a quest that literally had me go fetch some asshole’s farm animal.

At the time I asked myself: “But why? Why do i feel this way? This is par for the course in RPGs. Why do I feel so... Bored? I never felt this way with the first two games, what’s changed?” The answer hit like slap in the wiener. The Witcher 3 had ruined me, I was spoiled like a billionaire’s daughter on her 16th birthday.

By the way, why is the 16 birthday supposed to be so fuckin’ impressive anyway? Because it rhymes with sweet? Get the fuck outa here. - My Bitch Ass


I said it back then and I’ll say it again now. The Witcher 3 has changed everything forever. There’s no going back. RPGs will and rightfully should copy Witcher’s approach to quests, with zero shame. Plagiarize if you have to, it can only make your game better.

Fallout 4 might have been a much different game if Witcher 3 came out before, or like a year into it’s development. Mark my words when I say that the next dragon age will be better than inquisition and I’m also confident that Mass Effect Andromeda will also be pretty good.


I say pretty good because, I will admit, Bioware’s writing in recent years have left much to be desired. Bethesda too if you ask me. Although they did step up their game with the Far Harbor DLC, Obsidian entertainment still have them beat. But Far Harbor showed that they do have the talent. I think they may just have to give their writers more freedom to experiment and that goes for Bioware too.

I’m not saying, go out and pre-order mass effect andromeda right now. The tunnel just opened. I see a light at the end of it. Whether that light turns out to be gold or congenital herpes remains to be seen. I sure hope it’s the former, because they’re also getting rid of the paragon and renegade dichotomy. I am happy about that, but I’m also cautious. Since what they want to replace it with sounds oddly familiar...


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