I Had a Dream: Satellite Reign + Borderlands + Star Wars

It is currently anywhere between 10am and 12pm. As the rapid eye movement kicks in i find my imagination taking hold and transporting me to a world that only a gamer can conceive. I feel that familiar feeling of being completely immersed within a video game. The feeling of physically being inside a digital universe, yet simultaneously feeling your true corporeal form in the distance. I was dreaming.

The visuals of the dream were reminiscent of the bright color palette of the tactical role-playing game, Satellite Reign. I interacted with the world using the same gameplay mechanics as seen in a Borderlands game, complete with guns, boxes, caches, chests, and press “e” to use. The world itself turned out to be Star Wars and from the looks of things i was on one of the deeper levels of Coruscant. It was me as some kind of soldier along with an unknown number of others in my squad, being commanded by a jedi; the padawan Ahsoka Tano. You may remember her from both Star Wars The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels animated series.


In my heads up display (HUD) there’s a tactical map where i instinctively know will show enemies as red dots, but also has two sets of flashing white dots. One that flashes with the logo of the Galactic Republic and another that flashes with the logo of the Rebel Alliance; for some reason i associated the Rebel Alliance logo with “smugglers”.

I wonder why...

Upon investigation of the flashing white dots i discover that they are caches belonging to the appropriate groups mentioned. I apparently press “e” to use and i received some assorted loot. After opening a few of these caches and one of those white borderlands boxes containing some guns, including a sniper rifle, i decided it was time to move on. I appear to be in some sort of open market square. Sentient races are peddling their wares in complete blissful ignorance of what is about to transpire. I move towards commander Tano, who’s surrounded by the rest of the men. I could tell they were ready for battle by how they were slightly crouched, and pointing their blasters at absolutely nothing in the distance. In what felt like a millisecond i understood that our mission was to locate and liberate some people being held captive by slavers somewhere in this level of Coruscant.

We begin moving forward, walking underneath a large archway that supposedly connects to another section of the market, when it hits me. There could very well be a traitor in our midst. I don’t know why this thought occurred to me, dreams are weird like that. But almost in reaction to my realization i found that my concerns were not unfounded, as a vibroblade is narrowly stopped by a lightsaber before it could slices me into prime cuts. Ahsoka saved me a respawn with one lightsaber and stabbed my would-be assailant through the chest with another. She followed this action by moving the second lightsaber through the soldier’s torso in a circular motion, making a whirlpool symbol in his upper body before retracting the lightsaber. All the while, the soldiers in front remained oblivious to what just happened and continued pushing forward. As we enter the second marketplace we are immediately met with the opposition. The slavers grunts are dealt with swiftly, the prisoners are found, and taken to safety.


Next thing i know Ahsoka and myself are standing in front of the jedi council. Master Yoda commends us on our efforts and proceeds to inform us that: “tip of the iceberg, your last mission was.” We must return and scour that level of Coruscant in order to find the slaver leader and bring this individual to justice. I am given further information about the white blinking caches i found scattered around the map. If I collect all of the corresponding caches then i am awarded with one use of a powerful ability. If i were to collect all of the republic caches then i can use an ability where the Jedi council will all use the force in unison to “influence” any and all enemies i am currently engaging for a period of time or something like that.

I’m dropped back in the same market square and begin collecting caches i see blinking. I am about to collect my fifth one when a phone rings and wakes me up. I roll over and think about why i had this dream. Probably because i uninstalled Batman Arkham Knight last night and contemplated finally installing Borderlands 2. Long story short, i went to bed instead.

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