Fallout 4 Mods Wishlist

During the hours I’ve spent playing Fallout 4, I cannot say, with any degree of certainty, how many times I’ve thought to myself: “Hm, that’d be pretty cool. I’m sure there will be a mod for that.” Just that it was a lot. I don’t possess the necessary skills to mod the game myself, otherwise i might be dedicating this time to making some instead of writing this. The creation kit has been out for some time now and so far we’ve seen pretty much what you’d expect. Graphics and environment, added items, interface changes, and of course tits and ass. After a while of just thinking about the mods i’d like to see i started writing them down. So here are a few that i think would make great additions to our load orders.

Before I get into it though, I’d like to reiterate that I have no clue what goes into making a mod and how complex it must be. Some of these ideas might seem ludicrous (Roll out!) to individuals who do possess these expertise. Furthermore, these are mods that despite my sincerest efforts I have been unable to locate, if they do indeed already exist. But if there is such a mod out there already, I would be grateful to anyone who points me in the right direction. Now without further ado.


Settlement Enhancements

I feel like the settlement system can be expanded on with more ambitious things than just added items to build. Bethesda themselves seemed to have been dipping a finger or two into that territory in the Far Harbor DLC. But not quite deep enough. Imagine if we had:

Raider Rehabilitation

The Wasteland Workshop DLC left me disappointed. But like a battered housewife i rationalized it as being my fault. My expectation were set far too high. In video games i love to make my enemies do my fighting for me, whether through necromancy or mind control. I once used the intimidation perk in Fallout 4 to convince a raider to kill his friends for me. After the deed was done, i gave him better equipment and named him Timmy. I even made up an entire backstory for him in my mind. I wrote it down, maybe i’ll go and post that too after this. I brought him all the way back to one of my settlements before i realized that i had to detach his head from the rest of his body. There was no rehab center, prison, or brainwashing establishment that i could build and put him in to turn Timmy back into a helpful member of my settlement society or as a reliable bullet sponge follower. Taming beasts using Animal Friend and Wasteland Whisperer would also be nice. I wonder if i can put a raider into a pillory and not have settlers attack him…

Settlement Murder mystery

A settler was discovered dead and it is up to you to track the culprit down. Put it off for too long and more people may die. Examine the body, examine the crime scene, question settlers. If you own a medical station, have the doctor perform an autopsy. Was he killed with a rake? It may be one of your farmers. Bullet wound? What caliber? A guard? Which settler carries a gun that shoots that type of round? Narrow down to a group of people or a single person if you can. Then finally accuse the prime suspect. Try and convince them into confessing. Did he/she have cause to kill or is he/she a psychopath? Perhaps it isn’t so black and white. Imagine if he hands you a synth component and claims he found it on the body. Was the synth an institute plant that attacked first or an escaped synth who simply wanted to live a normal life? Take the law into your own hands and execute this person where he stands, keep his secret and claim the murderer couldn’t be found, or jail him and let the community decide his fate. Innocent, execution, or exile?


Settlements Rebellion

As far as i know, low happiness in settlements only lead to slower production and no new settlers migrating in. I’ve heard rumors that they also leave, but i can’t substantiate that. How about this? Once you reach a certain amount of settlers, the lower the happiness, the higher the chance of a new aspiring leader, rising up and convincing people to join his side in order to to eventually launch a coup attempt while you are away. Upon your return, you find that the entire settlement has turned hostile. Along with some settlers either imprisoned or killed for trying to stay loyal to you. Rush in, free the prisoners and quell this rebellion; sneak in at night, kill everyone silently and free the prisoners; or slowly walk into the settlement unarmed in order to plead your case and perhaps settle this misunderstanding peacefully.


Settlement Civil War

Skyrim’s civil war overhaul in Fallout 4? Something like that. Let’s say you have two settlements trading; maybe they had a little disagreement and are now at each other’s throats. The trade stops, causing a break in your supply line chain. If one settlement is desperate or pissed off enough they may decide to launch an attack on the settlement they’re at odds with. Maybe in pissed off rage or maybe to try and steal some supplies they want. The higher the population of the attacking settlement, the more likely they will win. The defense stat of the defenders also come into this calculation. If the defenders lose, people die and supplies will be lost to the attackers. If the defenders win, people may die and no supplies are taken. The player can stay out of it until one side is wiped out. But settlements could ally with neighboring settlements for increased strength. This could continue until your settlement empire splits in two. The player can intervene by choosing a side and fight the other side to regain control, Somehow bring the two back together peacefully, side with a third faction (minutemen) and assimilate the settlements back under them one by one, side with no one but via stealth turn the tide of the war to one side, or side with no one and sell equipment to both sides, taking money under the table.


Survival Mode Additions

I started experimenting with survival mode recently and thought of two things that i think can make it a bit more immersive.


Take a seat - It’s dinner time

In my survival mode game play i noticed, unsurprisingly, that in a fraction of a second my character will consume a cup of noodles, cup and all. He would also drink an entire tallboy of a purified water, liquefy the container and drink that too. Luckily a mod already exist that allows you to keep the containers once they are empty so you can refill them. Thanks, Brodual.


Real-time Lockpicking and Hacking

I also notice that your character has complete control over time and space, but only when he is trying to pick a lock or hack a computer. If time never stops and you’re a stealth player trying to hack a computer in order to turn some turrets or robots against your enemies, it’ll create a sense of urgency. You have to worry about an enemy walking in on you.



Legendary Armor Class Identification

I have a chest dedicated to legendary items. After hundreds of hours of play, it can fill several trucks. But on the armor side, there is no way for me to tell which armor is normal, sturdy, or heavy just by looking at it. I’d have to wear it and look. There has got to be a better way.


Fallout 4: Irradiated Nightmare

Seems someone over at Reddit had a similar idea. But i’m thinking just Feral Ghouls. The nights are darker. Being outside without the sun is almost considered suicide. A well defended settlement can fight them off. If you are traveling the commonwealth, twilight is a grim reminder that it’s almost feeding time. Massive hordes of feral ghouls spawn seemingly from nowhere and start wandering towards settlements.



Just add dragons to Fallout 4. That’s it. Not at all lore friendly. It makes no sense whatsoever, but you know what? Screw it. I wanna shoot dragons out of the air with guns. Add dragons.


My Fusion Core Vanished - Trala la lala!

You sneak up behind an enemy in power armor, you steal his fusion core, you sneak away while he’s getting out of the power armor, and he is not at all alarmed. He doesn’t even examine his surroundings or his armor to try and figure out what happened. He just goes about his business. And while i’m on the subject of raider power armor


Raider Power Armor Shouldn’t be Marked as Stolen

The pair of pants i took off the raider’s dead corpse isn’t mark as stolen, so what gives?


Shut the hell up mod

The Horror...

“I’ll stop complaining when there’s nothing to complain about.” “I can’t remember the last time i had clean fingernails.” “Please… I need to be alone right now.” Bitch! You came walking up to me! Bethesda, look i get it. I get what you were trying to do but it’s just not funny anymore. Settlers, do you have anything important or urgent you have to tell me? Fine. Otherwise, you speak when spoken to. When i’m walking through a mall, no one stops walking to tell me: “Hey, that food court is great.” or “I can’t remember the last time my butthole itched.”

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