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Call of Duty: IW E3 Presentation Didn’t Look Too Bad

With almost 3 million dislikes on youtube, the reveal trailer for Call of Duty Infinite Warfare is currently the second most disliked video on YouTube. The Call of Duty franchise is no stranger to hate though. I personally think that people started looking down on the COD franchise at the release of Modern Warfare 3. I’m gonna assume we’re all pretty aware of the reasons why the trailer and the franchise in general is panned by the general public. I want to talk about the “Ship Assault” gameplay that was shown at E3.

Based on stream chat and commentary videos i saw, people were having a hard time figuring out which game was being shown at first. I figured it was call of duty once the camera zooms into the space craft. I remembered the ship designs from the reveal trailer i guess. Once the player walks into the bridge i say: “Oh, you don’t say…” Because i see this:


You hear someone say: “We’ve got 4 new hotspots on radar, sir.” Once i saw the above image and heard that quote i said: “We might actually have something here.” Now i haven’t played a COD single player campaign since Ghosts. When i played Black Ops 2, i was pleasantly surprised by the single player campaign. It wasn’t groundbreaking or anything but it was nice to see elements like player choice, branching story lines, mission selection, and multiple endings. Treyarch did was they’ve always done with the COD franchise, they were trying new things. New things that if they worked would/should make their way into COD titles from the other two developers. I played COD Ghosts single player expecting more of that; i was disappointed. I played COD Ghosts Multiplayer, i was disappointed. I didn’t like the gameplay itself but i was most disappointed by the fact that they also neglected to use my favorite new feature from Black ops 2 multiplayer: The one button mute-all feature. I loved that button. I want to make this abundantly clear, every online shooter should have that button. When i saw it i thought: “Why hasn’t anybody thought of this before?” I was happy that day.

As the video progresses there’s the usual military lingo being thrown around and so on. Now we’re flying a space fighter that has been confirmed to not be on rails. All well and good but I’m not sure how fun that’ll be, but we’ll see. We leave our fighter behind and land on the enemy vessel in order to start showcasing a beautiful display of grappling hook usage. E3 2016 will go down in history as the year of the grappling hooks. COD Ghosts told me that guns can shoot in space, i suspect by the weapon having it’s own source of oxygen. So i allowed that, but then something weird happens. We can hear the gun firing. Now i’m no physicist but i’m fairly certain that there’s no air to carry the vibrations in space. Maybe i’m wrong. Maybe there’s something going on here that i’m not seeing or they left in all the gunfire and explosions for psychological purposes. Maybe test players felt uncomfortable hearing nothing but the music and the voice actors.


As the trailer progressed it’s the usual Call of Duty affair, run run, kill kill, and “I hope that’s not in the multiplayer.” Then of course we see what i believe to be the main reason the reveal trailer got so many people upset, myself included, the Modern Warfare Remaster. 110 bucks? I don’t think i can justify that purchase, not even for Modern Warfare.

If the single player incorporates all the things i mentioned before that Black ops 2 did and expand it further, then all i’m saying is that Infinite Warfare’s campaign, something that is notorious for being skipped entirely by a section of the COD fanbase, might be worth looking into. I’m still not gonna buy it, but for those who are, i think it may be worth checking out before you toss it aside to get to the Modern Warfare remaster.


One last thing i want to add about the Call of Duty hate train. Some people are tired of the futuristic setting and although this is only the second time the series has gone to space, not counting the MW2 nuke scene, it’s the first time they’ve gone balls to the wall into outer space. But with both Treyarch and Sledgehammer making COD titles, so all three companies can get a 3 year development cycle, i feel like maybe sledgehammer could have taken it to space with advanced warfare. But who knows, maybe they have a different vision for that series. But with the Black Ops trilogy now over, coupled with the Infinite Warfare backlash, if it’s not too late; then Treyarch may just abandon the future setting and do something different.

In a perfect world i guess one developer would focus on a future setting, another one would focus on the past, and the last one would be free to try something completely new like alternate history, extra dimensional travel, a fantasy setting, steampunk, or Aliens. That’s the beauty of video games, it’s limited only by the imagination of the creators. It’s like power rangers, it can be about whatever the hell you want. You’ll never run out of ideas.

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