Call of duty fans are more excited for MW2 remaster?

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With rumors circulating around the possible remastering of one or all of the Call of duty games featuring the “Modern Warfare” subtitle, i would like to explore the middle entry in the trilogy. I for one would be all for a remastered release of the series, but i would be particularly excited to go back to the first modern warfare. The game that many might say made publishers go: “Oh so no more world war 2, they want modern and beyond settings now? Okay, gotcha.” After reading articles about it i would peruse the comment section to see what others think. The response seems to be almost universally positive, but what does astound me personally is the seemingly higher enthusiasm for a Modern Warfare 2 remaster over Modern Warfare 1. At the time of MW2’s release i was under the impression that the public at large was somewhat disappointed with it, i know i was a little disappointed.


Now i certainly did not hate or dislike the game. I believe the game met with critical acclaim for good reasons. The campaign mode had a fine narrative, despite having the soldier you play on the American side being portrayed as the go to man for any and all situations. Ramirez! Woof, just thinking about David Anders- I mean Keith David’s voice is giving me flashbacks. The campaign was also heavily scripted, but well scripted, resulting in it being quite enjoyable. I remember the controversial “No Russian” level and all the brouhaha that surrounded it. I remember burning through time of my life on both the spec ops mission and the bigger, deeper, and faster than ever multiplayer.

But It is that very same multiplayer mode that i look back on now and i think that it was pretty fun BUTT, and this is some pretty bodacious teardrop ass we’re talking about, it had some pretty messed up things in it that got quite annoying. Maybe it’s just me now but i remember things like certain perks and weapons attachments that could potentially ruin the experience for people. For me my experience was hindered with quite a bit of frequency. At the time of this writing i’m looking at steam’s list of top games based on player count and MW2 is still in the top 50’s with 3,414 current players and 3,546 peak for today. (Evolve nowhere in sight.) With the power of Ctrl + F and “Duty” i found 4 COD titles in the top 50; the first Modern warfare not among them. With this in mind I’ve decided to reinstall Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. It’s been downloading while I’ve been writing this and it just finished. So strapping myself in for the grand nostalgia trip this is surely going to be, i think i’ll go back to it now for a little bit. Who knows? Maybe the concerns i had about the game all those years ago are now immaterial.



I’m back and that was certainly something, so i’ll leave that at the bottom of this piece for those of you interested in reading it, i recommend that you do. But on to what i really wanted to say; why i’m perplexed by the apparent excitement for MW2 over MW1.


Like i said before i remember the great aspects of MW2, but i also remember other things as well. I remember Harry Potter teleportation magic with commando pro, I remember more explosives than Baghdad in 2003 with the bona fide arsenal of explosive based weapons like the underslung grenade launcher, and thumper, just to name a few. I remember that being coupled with perks like one man army, and danger close. I remember stopping power still being a perk. I remember deathstreaks that allowed a dying individual’s bowels to open up and release a grenade instead of excrement. I remember cold blooded iguana ninjas running marathons. I remember weapons labeled as “secondary” being far superior to “primary” weapons. I remember “He who hosts, owns the most.” I remember Akimbo. I remember boosters boosting their way to a nuke. But i think what i remember most is quick scoping becoming the standardized way that a sniper rifle is supposed to be used.

Now if we take a look at MW1, let me just get it out of the way, the single player campaign was fantastic. I still consider “all ghillied up” one of the greatest First Person Shooter levels ever created and so does this guy. My heart was pounding while sneaking through Chernobyl and taking that sniper shot. And while COD is heavily criticized for its use of scripted events, that nuke going off was awesome. But i’m mainly here to talk about the multiplayer.


Of course MW1 multiplayer was not without its faults. But let’s break this down. Sure there were explosives. Everyone had a frag grenade, and beyond that you could get more but you’ll usually be giving something up for it. I like to call the tier 1 perks the equipment perk slot. It gives you more to work it, explosives for the most part, but more often than not the choice ends up being bandolier for extra ammo. You could get an underslung grenade launcher or a grip for your gun, but that means sacrificing your tier 1 perk. Tier 2 and 3 both have the same problem of having the best perks available from level 1. They are both quite varied but in tier 2 people ended up using either stopping power or juggernaut to stop said power stopping stopping power. Try saying that one 5 times. Same with tier 3, at least for me it almost always came down to steady aim. Who’s ever really used the eavesdrop perk to good effect?

Secondary weapons favored over primary weapons? No, Secondary was a sidearm, as in a pistol and not an anti-aircraft cannon. “He who hosts, owns the most?” Dedicated servers, at least on PC. Akimbo? What’s that, some sort of African warlord? Is it Kony? My own radioactive toy after 25 kills? UAV, Airstrike, and attack chopper; this is an FPS, use your guns. Quick scoping? Not really. M40A3 with Acog scope maybe.


But hey maybe i’m looking at this all wrong. Maybe it’s just because it was a simpler time before MW2 and i’m just a nostalgic fool. I’m sure some may use the comment section to let me know just how much i’m talking out of my ass. Regardless, i want to talk about this and here’s hoping we do get a full remastering of the entire trilogy and that it’s a success. If so, we could see World at War get the same treatment next year.


A few caveats before i get into what i just experienced. I know this may all just come out sounding like “noob excuses”. I haven’t played a COD game in quite some time. The last one i played was Black ops 2 and i didn’t even buy it, i only accessed it via free weekend. Furthermore i utilize Battlefield 4 these days to sate my competitive shooter thirst. Now without further ado.


Attempt #1

I fire the game up, alter my graphics and control settings, and check my ancient loadouts. I almost feels like I’m cracking open a time capsule. I look over the perks that the game features and remember why i’m writing this, but more on that later. I hit “play” and start looking over the many gameplay modes. 3,414 sounded like a lot for some reason; the game is a wasteland, barren of almost all life. Except for team deathmatch that is currently entertaining almost 400 players. I click, i connect, and either by luck or by particularly morbid coincidence the lobby is currently playing on the wasteland map. The battlefield i happen to despise the most from this game. I’ve heard it described very succinctly as “Waste of time land”. But my concerns were unfounded since the game ended before i could even contribute to the apparent loss of my team. The game transitioned back to the lobby and one by one people start leaving, but then more people join, saving the day. Only to have the lobby close. Ahh, it’s just like a remember it.


Attempt #2

This time i connect to a game on the Rust map. Good old rust, fit for 1 v 1 or very small teams. But of course in my game there are veritable armies duking it out in such a small space. Predator missiles hitting the earth and Pave Low over head, things are looking grim. I choose a loadout and here we g-... Oh… The host disconnected.


20 seconds later….

Okay for real this time. Wow this game feels a lot faster then i reme- My character blows up. Upon killcam review i see a dude prone in a corner launching grenades from firearm knows as a “thumper” in game. It does not send a large shock-wave through the ground. For those of you who understood that reference: *Fist bump* check steam because it is coming back with a vengeance. But back to COD and Rust. After i respawn the rubber-banding begins and continues for a few seconds. The helicopter above spits fiery death and kills me. I respawn and oh look an enemy. He is killed by a teammate before i could deliver my own rounds. Then i see someone who appears to be coming out of a vent and is vulnerable. I pump bullets into human, but said human has Max Payne quality painkillers on him as a deathstreak, so he kills me instead. I respawn, turn a corner and go down into final stand in microseconds. Not that it helps since i die immediately afterwards anyway. On my next life i think i’m clever by trying to seek refuge within a vent of my own underneath the structure in the middle of the map. But before i could get into the vent proper, i go into final stand. I survive for longer this time, looking around for viable targets. Then i turn back around just in time to see a fine gentleman of the opposing force casually saunter his way up to my person and knife me. My last life before the game concluded came at an end by an individual possessing superhuman reflexes and accuracy, if you know what i mean. I go 0 - 7 and 1 assist.


Attempt #3

I find a new lobby in order to avoid super-accuracy-man and find myself in Skidrow. I remember holding this map in high regard and for good reason it seems; I get my first MW2 multiplayer kill in years. Followed by me hiding from bullets behind a bookshelf, getting flashbanged and then dying. Upon killcam review it seems like the flashbang came from nowhere. I respawn and notice my team is down almost 4000 points. The game ends and i view the award winning final kill of an individual hiding in a corner, waiting for enemies to cross his path so that he could unload into them with his “akimbo” G18’s. The Lobby is promptly shutdown.


Attempt #4

The “Rundown” map. That’s the one with the 2 bridges, remember? …… “Waiting for other players”... “Intel: Deathstreaks give you a boost when things aren’t going your way.” Hm, you don’t say? 1 Minute and 22 seconds later of waiting, i am informed that the players I’ve been waiting for stood me up.


Attempt #5

I was just about to give up, but decided to try just one more time. 5 is my favorite number after all. The game starts and it’s on “Estate”. At first it was the usual, me dying over and over again. Then i hear “lost the lead” and something must have awoken within me. I am not going to be responsible for this teams defeat. I get one kill, two kills, three kills, can you believe it? Then i die. But i did get a UAV and a care package. Oh boy, chopper gunner. After using it mow down scores of enemies, i felt like a force to be reckoned with. I end up leading my team to the victory, going 25 - 8 along with 2 assist. The final Killcam shows a teammate traversing time and space with commando pro to knife an enemy.

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