Bethesda: Give Them What They Want For $5?

The first time i fired up the the settlement system in Fallout 4 i thought it was a neat little diversion. I say diversion since we were told that we could play through the entire game without ever using it. That statement has since been thrown into question. It had its flaws, and over time patches have made it more user friendly. What i wanted to talk about was the one thing i wish it had from the beginning. A terminal of sort that you could build and use to command your settlers to specific jobs and such. You know, a way to avoid having unemployed settlers walking around, with you unable to find them. Sure you could build a bell and wait until the dawn of a new age for them all to walk towards it, and then go from person to person to find unemployed settlers.

But those day’s are over, my friends. The recently released vault-tec workshop DLC comes to the rescue and adds the handy dandy vault-tec population management system. Build it, give it some power and off you go running your settlement like a well oiled machine… for $5.


Now i will say this, i bought the season pass, so i may be wrong on this. Perhaps this particular item was added to the game as part of a patch i’m unaware of. Although i looked through the patch notes of recent patches and that does not seem to be the case. This can only mean that the Fallout 4 players who enjoy the settlement system, but did not purchase the season pass or this DLC, will not be receiving this neat little item.

The Vault-Tec Workshop DLC is currently not being particularly well received, if steam reviews are anything to go by. At the time of this writing it’s standing at a “Mostly Negative” with 399 negative reviews and 241 positive reviews. You know what? Let me refresh the page… Okay now it’s at 400 negative and 243 positive.

I think this gentleman is thinking of the Creation Kit

Speaking of the Creation Kit, i should mention that there was a very nice fellow who created a mod very similar to the population management system. Dubbed the settlement management software, it has almost all of the same features, along with a few more. This gentleman could not monetize his creation, but i suppose he could have also simply kept it to himself. Whether or not he would have sought compensation is a matter of debate.


Is this another black mark on Bethesda’s reputation? I would very much like to have a discussion about this. I know a lot of people would say that this is the kind of thing a company like CD Projekt Red would add for free. Is CDPR just making other developers look bad at this point? I certainly don’t think the Vault-Tec Workshop DLC should be released for free, it’d be nice, but work did go into it, money was spent. The Jury is still out on whether or not the price hike for the season pass was justified or not. What i said before in a previous article about the last piece of DLC still stands. Bethesda still has time to prove to us that the price increase was justified, but Nuka World better be huge.

408 Negative - 245 Positive

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